Have you ever been texting someone and realize after the conversation ended that you may have come across a little rude or short? It wasn’t your intention; in fact, it wasn’t even your word choice but it’s hard to convey tone through a phone. As smart as our cell phones are, they still haven’t figured out how to pick up on sarcasm.

Sometimes, your friends or family miss a joke completely because they can’t hear the tone in your head as you type. It happens on Facebook and Twitter a lot too. In a lot of cases, it causes another social media user to completely miss a joke or the sarcasm behind a comment. It’s no one’s fault, it just comes as a part of the Internet package. Thank goodness for acronyms and emojis. Where would we be without ’em? LOL, amirite?

These 15 people definitely missed the joke and wound up becoming one. Some of them are a little more obvious than others, but their brains should have processed it nonetheless. Check them out…


You gotta look at the source, people!


It’s an oldie that has only gotten better with age…and technology.


Don’t you kinda wish they would have screengrabbed the whole thread? How long do you think it took Stray to figure out it was a joke?


Thanks, bro. So where do we put the pizza rolls?




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