In the last 20 years or so, tattoos have gained a footing in mainstream culture. People from all walks of life and backgrounds now have ink when just a couple of decades years ago, tattoos were considered taboo and reserved for sailors, bikers, and convicts.  Nowadays, you can find body art on teachers, doctors, lawyers, clergymen, and public servants. Of course, it’s great that tats are more accepting and tolerant in today’s society but it still doesn’t mean that everyone should be getting them or just anyone should be giving them.

There are too many people walking around with misspellings, grammatical errors, portrait fails, and bad designs that you have to wonder what some people were possibly thinking when they sat down in a tattoo artist’s chair. On the other hand, you have to wonder if some of these people should even be considered artist’s in the first place. Take a look at 15 people who made really bad decisions when it came to getting a tattoo…

1. Oh, We Can Think Of At Least One

For some reason, the word “regret” is really difficult for people to spell. It’s six letters. It isn’t hard, people.

2. Too Bad They Didn’t Take Their Own Advice

Let’s be real here. Some of the onus of this fail falls on the tattoo artist.

3. A Tat Shouldn’t Be This Confusing

There are a few things to point out about this one. Her friend is right; it looks like a wooden log. Secondly, why does she say “I guess it’s a religious thing” then explain that Jesus was hung on a wooden cross?

4. Does It Though?

Life certainly goes on, but we’re not too sure if life “go’s” on.

5. Who’s Responsible For This?

This is obviously supposed to be a Disney sleeve but it’s so, so bad that it looks like someone let a toddler go to town after watching Disney Channel all day.

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