The “Harvey Weinstein scandal” didn’t just change Hollywood, but it changed how many men treat women. Scroll through your timeline and you’ll see plenty of dudes you know who honestly didn’t realize the things they were saying to women were offensive, rude, and harassing.

You and your friends may have even had a conversation or two about it since the fall when allegation after allegation started coming out against powerful men in the entertainment industry.

Hopefully, you’ve had conversations about what is inappropriate behavior and conversation and what isn’t. It’s all about evolving, right?

These 15 men are just plain creepers that haven’t gotten the memo that what they are sending women is completely wrong or they have and they just don’t care.

Either way, they deserve the savage responses these ladies sent in return!


She got him good on this one. You know he was not expecting this.


Reason No. 928 that creepin when you have a girlfriend is a bad idea.


Slow clap for this clever young lady!


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