When form and function merge together seamlessly into one beautiful product, designers know they have done their job. Excellent design is something so flawless that you don’t even realize there could be even be any room for failure.

However, designers are only human and as we all know, humans can make mistakes. And as far as imperfection in design goes, sometimes the process might appear to be perfect, but when it comes to the execution? Not so much!

Take a look at these hilarious design fails featured in a subreddit called “Crappy Design” in the gallery below and see if you’ve got a few you’ve seen on your own you’d like to add to the list!

1. Oooh The Anticipation Is Killing Us…

Yep. We’re pretty sure about this one.

2. Think They’re Lion To Us About Where Babies Come From?


Something’s off here…

3. This Bionic Baby Is Ready To Scan Your Boarding Pass

Don’t look too long at her laser eyes or your eyes will get damaged.

4. When The Bathroom Has Mirrors On The Ceiling…

It’s time to RUN!

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