There’s a good chance that you have that one friend who swears something is going to somehow get inside of them and wreak havoc on their organs. Like, the buddy who is afraid of spiders crawling into their ear or the guy that thinks a cockroach is something going to burrow inside their brain while they sleep.

To be fair, the fear of a tick embedding itself under your skin and giving you Lyme disease is a legitimate concern, but that’s for another post.

This time, we’re talking about real items that have ended up inside of people that have no business being there.

Some of these are quite the head-scratchers, while others are just classic cases of shaking your head in disgust and disbelief.

In all cases, these 12 items are strange, to say the least. Check them out:

1. Larvae In The Eye

Looks innocent enough, but it’s actually a photo of larva in a five-year-old’s eye. Botflies use mosquitoes as a means to lay eggs in the human body. When the mosquito punctures human skin, the botfly lay their eggs in the hole the mosquito created. A boy in Honduras had this happen to him in his eye. He had to have it surgically removed.

2. That’s Not A Pregnant Man…

Sanju Bhagat’s stomach grew abnormally large and he thought he was somehow pregnant. Nope. Turns out when he went to the hospital, doctors found a human being living inside of him.

3. Hope She Wasn’t Billed For Lost Instruments

This is a lot of people’s biggest fear when it comes to going under the knife. Sylvie Dube was experiencing intense pain after having a hysterectomy. Two months later, an X-Ray revealed medical instruments were left inside her.


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