Breaking up is never easy. Even if you’ve gotten to the point where hearing your soon-to-be ex’s name makes you shudder, it’s still not the best way to spend your downtime.

Not to mention you never know how the person will react.

Before smartphones and the Internet, breaking up with someone was an act usually reserved for seeing the person face-to-face. If you broke up over the phone, they would tell everyone what a lowlife you were. In some cases, it was worth not dealing with their over-the-top reaction.

Since texting and messaging is a part of our daily lives now, it’s also been used as a vehicle for ending a relationship. It’s definitely easier to type you want to break up with someone than actually speaking the words, but the result sometimes ends just as poorly as it would have in person.

The method has also led to some pretty savage breakup texts, which are sometimes clever and sometimes brutal.

Check these 12 breakup texts and get ready to cringe away!

1. She’s Got Some ‘Splainin’ To Do!

He really held it together nicely. It had to have taken a lot of will power and self control to get that out like that.

2. This Is Confusing…

One can only assume he isn’t talking about the movie Other People starring Molly Shannon and Bradley Whitford, right?

3. Always. Blame. Autocorrect.

This is why it’s important to always read your texts before you send them! Well, it seems like it’s for the best anyway.


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