You know the old saying, “like a kid in a candy store?” Well, you can look at that statement in one of two ways. Literally, like an actual child running around a primary colored rainbow of candy and confections. Or you can look at it metaphorically, like a gamer in a business full of console title, or as in the case of the video included here, a tech geek given free reign in an electronics store.

Shopping Sprees Are A Lot Of Fun



Over in Europe, there’s a company called Media Markets, and it’s a lot like Best Buy, or other tech based retailers. It has everything, from 4K flat screen TVs to various and sundry Apple products. As part of a marketing campaign, MM decided to let one man have a 100 second shopping spree in one of their outlets. Whatever he could grab and place on a target at the finish line, he would get to keep.

You Can Also Get A Lot Of Loot With Them



Now, we’ve seen things like this before. A good example would be professional athletes who treat underprivileged kids to shopping sprees at a place like Toys-R-Us. In this case, however, we are dealing with a young adult with “value, value, value” on the brain. All he wants is to maximize his efforts, and when you see the final total, you’ll see what we mean.




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