You’ve heard people say it – my mind must be playing tricks on me. There are numerous variations on that concept – don’t believe everything you see…your brain is confusing what your eyes are seeing, etc. In essence, what is happening is easy to explain. That gray matter sloshing around in your skull is a finely tuned machine that processes information in an instant, and then relies on experience and memory to make any corrections. So while an image can look like two silhouetted people talking, others just focus on the goblet or vase created by the negative space between them.

They are known as optical illusions, and over the next few pages you will find plenty of examples to play with your perception. Remember, there is no trickery involved, unless you mean between what you are seeing and what it actually there. Some of these are shockingly simple. Others will take a bit more concentration. Enjoy.

Are These Dots Changing Colors?


Just focus on one for the answer.

Look At The “X” In The Middle


The disappearing dots seem to be changing color, right?

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